You are the creator of your life! As a human being you experience on conscious and subconscious levels. When the subconscious levels send different information from what you think your direction is, this may lead to stress, struggle and anxiety.

Shuem Mystical Shamanism is an effective way to enter the subconscious for healing, harmony and transformation. Contact the inner peace that is inside all of us to live in openness and trust.

Online Courses Shamanic Journeying, Attention Management and Nature Meditation
These courses take you into an Inner Journey of Transformation and Healing. Learn to focus your energy, explore wider states of consciousness and experience the subconscious field of Soul.

Long Distance Healing
When your life has become troublesome and you could need some help to get rid of your emotional burden, some private healing sessions can help you make the change.

Private lessons in the Netherlands & online
You are welcome to visit us in the Netherlands for private lessons or healing. However, for those who aren’t able to come to us, we can arrange online sessions.