Contact the inner peace!

As a human being you are unconscious of 95% of who you are. When these subconscious levels send different information of what you consciously try to decide, this may lead to stress, struggle and anxiety.

Shuem Mystical Shamanism is an effective way to re-align the conscious and subconscious levels into an effective cooperation. By using wider states of consciousness, the deeply rooted habitual programs of experience can be healed and transformed. Then you can contact the inner peace that is inside all of us and live in openness and trust.

Long Distance Healing
When your emotional life is way out of balance, Shuem Healing sessions can help. These sessions restore the core of your emotional being and thereby balances the way you experience life. With only a few sessions most people experience more happiness and joy. >>

Private lessons online
For those who are on a journey of exploring wider states of being to widen your view on living and experience a deeply felt connection with everything and everyone, we provide private lessons. >>