All healing, meditation and training is provided by Stefan

Shaman, Healer and Teacher Stefan

About twenty years ago Stefan started a small healing practice. Once he discovered Shuem Shamanism it soon became clear he had a natural talent for this. He experienced a period of initiation and transformation and found his calling as a shamanic healer. Since then he has given many thousands of healing sessions and hundreds of lessons. In his teaching and healing Stefan lets his clients share in widened states of consciousness that are very beneficial for one’s well-being. Shamanism restores the harmony inside in order to live your life optimally in joy and compassion.

Wabke at Shuem

Organisation and contact: Wabke

“I started with Stefan’s Shamanic Healer Training in 2002. After ten years I still am a great fan. The power and effectiveness of it amazes me time and time again. I see people’s faces change, open up and almost radiate. For me it has changed my life very positively. I feel more open and connected in a way that is beyond words. This freedom inside is something I wish for everybody to find.”

Except for Shuem Shamanism, we actively support and promote Nâm Yoga as it is presented by Yoginâm Abbahjí.

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