As spiritual traditions state for already thousands of years: ‘You are that’. The things you look for in life are really close by. The only thing we have to do to make it a living reality is to change our point of view. Trainings at Shuem provide tools to enclose this reality within yourself. Watch this short introduction by Stefan, your teacher and healer at Shuem:

Online courses Shamanism:

Focus and Attention

Focus / Attention Management

Attention is the key to how you experience your life. What you give attention will flourish. In Attention Management you learn to focus your attention in a neutral point. Thoughts and emotions come to rest and attention becomes liberated to make use of it in creative and supportive ways.

Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic Journeying is a technique to enter deeper fields of feeling. You contact the collective subconscious and thereby can make use of a much wider field for harmonisation, insight and answers to life questions. It enhances inner strength and by harmonising feelings on this level, daily life becomes more balanced as well.

Apps in nature

Apps for daily living

Once you start to explore Soul perception, your connection to everything and everyone will open up and deeopen. These apps bring you into direct contact with your surroundings. The first series are exercises with natural elements like water, fire, trees and more.

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