A shaman restores harmony in one’s soul. Negative emotions transform and you feel much more at ease with yourself. Life often responds to this with new chances and perspectives.

To understand the mechanism of healing by a shaman think of the tower of Pisa in Italy. As you well may know, this tower is a bit oblique. When someone searches psychic help, you could say his life is like the tower of Pisa. The tower is a resemblance of someone’s life, built with memories and all reactions to past events. Somehow, some memories weigh too heavy and put the tower out of balance.

Therapy and shamanism

In therapy or with a psychologist, one tries to consciously enter this complex tower of unconscious feelings, emotions, memories and habitual programs. With different approaches, you start to dig and find out why you behave the way you do. It gives insight in habitual programs, some forgotten memories may come back and with a good therapist you may find ways to deal with it in a more beneficial way. According to shamans this is quite a time-consuming approach with relatively little effect. When you think back of the tower of Pisa, therapy gives appliances to put the stones, windows and doors of the tower at the right angle again. It may result in some changes, but can also result in years of therapy and knowing very well your patterns, feelings and emotions, without solving the problem.

Healing at the root of the problem

Healing by a shaman is quite a different approach. A shaman is able to use the more subtle fields of human consciousness. These subtle fields include all memories and feelings that unconsciously rule the way we experience daily life. With this capacity, a shaman directly communicates with the foundation of the tower. By transforming the deepest pain, the foundation is put right again. As a result all windows, doors and stones that represent the outlook you have in life get into the right position again quite elegantly.

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