Sometimes it seems like you’re stuck with your life. You cannot see which direction to take and it feels as if you are held back by emotions and feelings from the past. In that case it is hard to make the wanted change on your own. Individuel Shamanic Healing sessions support you on an energetic level to change your life.

Shuem offers you an elegant and effective way of healing. Since the Stefan makes use of wider states of consciousness this healing restores the inner balance and harmony at a very deep level within you. Many experience as if a burden is taken off their shoulders and can start looking around freely again. Life responds to this restored harmony and oftentimes new chances open up.

Long Distance Healing

Since Shamanism is not bound to time or space, Shuem offers you long distance healing. You send a picture of yourself, Stefan performs the healing and sends the sound file of your session through e-mail for you to listen at home.

For an optimal result we recommend you to do three sessions – this way the healing gets deeper and the positive change it gives can really stay with you.

Read more on the practical side of these sessions in the FAQ

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