Private healing retreat in Bali

Bali is a magical island where people still live with a deep sense of the sacredness of life. That life is special and we can be grateful for sharing in it.

From the Hindu and animistic / ancestor background and through the social structure and daily practices, there is a strong and natural focus on creating harmony within the environment / community / with nature and with God.

For thousands of years the people of Bali have given shape to this in rituals, festivals, healings, prayers and in taking care of their holy places.

There are about 20,000 temples on this small island.

In addition, Bali is a volcanic island, which means that there is a lot of extra energy available – the whole island is a place of power. The energy is gentle and feminine but powerful and has a very strong healing influence.

Those who want to immerse themselves in it and surrender, can undergo a deep transformation.

Bali Retreat Program

The program consists of several private healings and meditations.

These take place at sacred places that have been used for thousands of years by the local people for healing and cleansing.

For example: healing rituals under the holy waterfall and visits to several more then 1000 year old temples, each with their own vibration.

In one of the more important temples you will receive a special blessing by the main priest.

The strong and loving energy of these places is very impressive and of course Stefan will be there to help you letting go.

Disturbing programs and emotions will be transformed and thus you will gain a different perspective on your life.

For people with physical complaints there is an opportunity to visit one of the most important healers in Bali and to undergo treatment there. This man (86+) is powerful and loving and definitely works from a different source. Magic at it’s best.

You will also be taught a cleansing self-help program, which you can use at home to optimize yourself. You will learn basic principles and exercises that, when practiced, ensure that you stay clear minded and balanced at home and follow your new course in life with confidence.

Contribution: $150 per day, including admission fees and use of ritual dress.

Duration, wishes and program in consultation.

Further possible expenses range from extremely cheap to extremely luxurious, depending on your wishes and budget and the duration of your stay. For example: hotels from 10$, and very good local food from 1,5$, up to hotels at 1000$ per night and 200$ meals.

Airport pick -up, accommodation, transportation and food can be easily arranged before your arrival.

Just think: do you want to start with a clean slate and leave the past behind? 

Rediscover the magic of life and allow for more love, power and peace in yourself? 

Then you are very welcome to this private healing retreat in Bali.

You are guaranteed to return home in a completely different state of being than the state you came to Bali with.

Do you have any questions or schedule your retreat? Please send an e-mail: