As spiritual traditions state for already thousands of years: ‘You are that’. The things you look for in life are really close by. The only thing you have to do to make it a living reality is to change your point of view. Lessons at Shuem provide tools to enclose this reality within yourself. Watch this short introduction by Stefan, your teacher and healer at Shuem:

Training Shamanic Healer:

This training, based on Stefan’s years of practical experience as a shaman, is unique in design. This is no ordinary therapeutic training, and not even ‘normal’ alternative training. Experience is transferred from shaman to student in a traditional way.

There is no ‘borrowing’ from other cultures, but the basis of magic is taught: what is the principle and how do you apply it. And all that without alienating exoticism.

During this training all aspects of working as a shamanic healer will be discussed and trained: healing, meditation, psychopompus (transferring the dead), magic, bringer of myths.

The focus in the lessons is practical in nature; it must be applicable in your own life.

The most important aspect of this training is personal development.

Much attention is paid to the ‘inner’ attitude: you enter a process in which you increasingly approach life as a spiritual warrior.

This will lead to a radically different way of perceiving reality,  and will be creating a solid, neutral and harmonious base in yourself.

From there you can start at learning to fulfill the task as a healer.

Starting Point: the subtle perception of Soul

Underlying conscious thinking and doing, lies the unconscious world of feeling and conviction. Shamans distinguish between four fields within a continuum:

Body: the material field, the physical body and the senses.

Mind: the mental field, the thinking and becoming aware.

Soul: the causal field, feeling and emotion.

Spirit: the vital field, the will, convictions and motivation.

These fields are closely inter-linked and influence each other continuously.

Each field requires a specific approach. Not only does each field have its own ‘language’, but there is also a certain hierarchy in it.

It is obvious to shamans that talking (Mind) about our problems (Soul) has little effect. A shaman works directly in Soul and can thus bring about profound transformation.

See short movie about the different fields of perception:

The training:

The main part of the training we are concerned with the basic energetic training, especially focused on your own development. You can also use many of the techniques you learn for your clients in the future.

Furthermore, it is a requirement for the performance of energetic work that you yourself are in a stable condition and that a large part of your energetic baggage has been cleared away before you start working with other people.


1. Building personal power and energetic awareness.

We start by developing shamanistic awareness, which is quickly focused on our own situation. Stefan has chosen to start with this, because it is a basic opening to other layers of perception and therefore immediately gives much more depth and power to everything that follows. It is an easy-to-open door that is easily accessible to most people.

2. Your role as a therapist

The second part focuses on your role as a therapist and the interaction with your client: how do you stay neutral, how do you prevent influencing.

3. Diagnosis, healing and coordination

This is followed by the diagnosis part, and the beginning of the actual healing of others. The diagnosis and treatment from a distance are also discussed, a lot of attention is paid to the correct alignment.

Here we will follow a special program.


  • Basic development of energetic awareness
  • Control of attention
  • Focus
  • Building personal strength
  • Opening different levels of perception
  • Occupying a neutral place
  • Energetic communication
  • Male and female perception
  • Protection against influences
  • Diagnosis and healing of others
  • Soul retrieval and extraction
  • Energetic cleansing of spaces and objects
  • Shamanic travel
  • Transferring the dead; death rituals
  • Guides and ancestors
  • Magic and ritual
  • Working with and creating positive elementals

For whom: 

This Training Shamanic Healer is meant for everyone who experiences a strong urge and feels called, in whatever way, to the task of healer.

After completing the training, one must be able to deal independently with people with different complaints. The training is an additional vocational training and for anyone who wants to develop further at an emotional, spiritual and social level and wants to integrate this into his or her life, work or future work.

This highly individual training is now being given online, one – on – one with Stefan and molded to your specific situation.

Furthermore the Shuem Healer Intensive Training can be followed on Bali, individually or with a small group.

Time frame and duration of the program in consultation (see: Individual Healing Retreat in Bali)

Short movies and a full 25 minute meditation performed by Stefan can be found here:

Do you have any questions or like to make an appointment? Please send an e-mail: